December 15, 2020

Welcome to JaDa Loft Boutique!

Well hello there, JaDa Babes! Welcome to JaDa Loft Boutique where you can shop for cute clothing, accessories, and more. We’ve created a unique space that brings fashion and fun together for a truly unique shopping experience for everyone to enjoy. Become a JaDa Babe today to see how we’re transforming the world of retail to be more inviting and enjoyable for all!

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JaDa Loft Boutique is a local Reno boutique focused on delivering a shopping experience that is truly unmatched by other shops. To do this, Monica - owner of JaDa Loft Boutique - decided to give her customers more than a place to purchase new clothes. Her boutique features several unique qualities including a vibrant wall murals perfect for a quick photo-op, and a variety of styles and accessories that appeal to your adventurous side!

About Monica

Monica and her husband Victor have two children, a son and a daughter, who they looked to for inspiration in starting this company. The name “JaDa Loft” comes from the combination of her children’s names which are Jace and Daniella. As an ode to them, Monica decided this would be the perfect name for her charming boutique. And the cute elephant you see in the logo? That was chosen with a greater meaning, too. Elephants, which were Monica’s grandmother’s favorite animal, represent all the things that are important to Monica. Elephants are strong, delicate, caring, and family-focused which is how Monica strives to live her life.

More About Our Reno Boutique

Boutique Finds and Unique Features

JaDa Loft Boutique features a variety of boutique clothing styles including casual, formal, business, and athletic wear. We wanted to provide shoppers with an inclusive range of products to choose from because we know how important it is to have options in your wardrobe. Everything in the boutique is personally hand-selected. We strive to keep you looking fantabulous while being mindful of your wallet. Incorporating styles from popular cities across the country like New York, L.A., and San Francisco, Monica is excited to be able to share her style influences with our up and coming community for greater diversity and fresh styles. 

Not only is our boutique focused on diverse styles, but we also want to help our guests have the best experience possible while shopping with us. Whether that’s with a quick photo montage of your time in our shop, or you're just passing through, we encourage fun and relaxation for a one-of-a-kind shopping opportunity.

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JaDa Loft Boutique in Reno, NV

Stop in today to shop and relax with us! We promise to give you an unparalleled shopping experience that you’ll want to share with all your friends. Connect with us today to learn more!
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