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Meet Monica

Passionate Boutique Owner & Fashion Enthusiast

Monica started her career working in the corporate world. While she enjoyed her work, it wasn’t what she was truly passionate about. Monica realized her love for fashion was stronger than the thought of staying in a corporate position and her husband Victor supported her dreams. To help Monica pursue her goals, the couple decided to create a unique shopping experience for the Reno area that goes above the traditional expectations of a local boutique. Monica strives to help everyone enjoy their shopping experience by offering fun and different styles, and a setting for shoppers to feel they can have fun and unwind. 

Incorporating styles from popular cities across the country like New York, L.A., and San Francisco, Monica is excited to be able to share her style influences with our up and coming community for greater diversity and fresh styles. 



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Your Shopping Experience

You can purchase a new blouse anywhere, so why shop with us? Shopping at JaDa Loft Boutique is meant to defy the norms of shopping. We promote individuality with our variety of styles because we know how important it is for you to be you. Not only is our boutique focused on diverse styles, but we also want to help our guests have the best one-of-a-kind experience possible while shopping with us. 

JaDa Loft’s

Ode to Family

Family has always had a big influence on Monica and she wanted to show this in her boutique. Monica and her husband Victor have two children, a son and a daughter, who they looked to for inspiration. The name “JaDa Loft” comes from the combination of her children’s names which are Jace and Daniella. As an ode to them, Monica decided this would be the perfect name for her charming boutique which resides inside of a large loft in Northwest Reno. 

And when it came to the branding of the boutique, Monica knew she had to incorporate elephants - her grandmother’s favorite animal - into the mix. Elephants represent all the things that are important to Monica. They’re very strong creatures, but they’re also quite delicate. Elephants are extremely family-focused animals, their calves even stay with them for up to 16 years. Along with this, they are known for their caring nature, sensitivity, and intelligence - all the characteristics that are important to Monica. 

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